Co-Captains of Women’s March CFL

Lisa Santonio Cromar
Central Florida Co-Captain


Lisa Santoni Cromar is a proud Puerto Rican. An unabashedly liberal NPA, she believes strongly that health care (e.g. medical care, healthy food, clean water), education, body autonomy, LGBTQIA+ & disability rights, as well as physical and emotional safety, are human rights and must be defended.
Lisa’s experience as a corporate IT manager informs the importance she places on building coalitions to accomplish substantial goals. Her experience as a domestic violence victim’s advocate drives her passion for justice. Her experience as a staffer for progressive candidates has taught her how to work with the system. Since joining the Women’s March she has applied these experiences to racial justice, restoration of voting rights, and the fight for a just recovery for the people of Puerto Rico. When not trying to the world Lisa reads, designs knitting patterns, and writes.


Neila F. Wilson, Co-Captain of Women’s March CFL

Neila F. Wilson is committed to her country and her community. Ms. Wilson served in the US Air Force as a telephone and data circuitry technician and while serving her country, she also served her community by starting a tutoring program for the local Bossier elementary school.

Committed to education, Neila had a goal to complete her bachelor’s degree while on active duty.  In 1997, she was thrilled to achieve that goal by graduating from Louisiana Tech University with her BS in Electrical Engineering.  Receiving not only her degree in the civilian world, but also several accommodations and medals for her service in the Air Force.  After active duty, she completed another degree. Ms. WIlson attained her MBA from Rollins Crummer College with a focus on international business and operations in 2005.

Access to education and opportunities are important to creating success.  It was an inroads internship from High School that gave Neila her first introduction to telecommunications and fiber optics and from that introduction she has been in the telecommunications industry for 25 years.  Now she manages a team of engineers for CenturyLink.

Realizing the value of youth programs and adult professional development programs, Neila has dedicated herself to providing opportunities particularly within the black community.  Most recently serving as the President of the Central Florida Chapter of the National Black MBA Association for 8 years and being a mentor for the Leaders of Tomorrow high school mentoring program. She was also able to start a pro-bono black business consulting arm of the chapter to help several local businesses.

In 2006 the YMCA recognized Neila Wilson as an Adult Achiever and asked her to lead their Youth Achievers STEM summer program, where she spent six summers working with students ages 14 – 18 years of age, introducing them to engineering.

The Women’s March in Orlando proved to be another opportunity for Neila to contribute to the community. She became the leader of an issue group on Racial Equality and Social Justice at Women’s March CFL.  Working with women of all backgrounds, Neila’s vision for the group was to create a stronger society by encouraging community dialogue around race relations and advocating for legislation that prohibits social injustice.

In 2018, Neila is increasing her leadership role at the Women’s March CFL by becoming Co-Captain of the Women’s March CFL chapter.